Seeing London on foot is definitely the best way to enjoy everything this city has to offer. But once you’ve pounded the pavements, it’s a good idea to enjoy any of a number of London boat tours along the River Thames and experience the city in a different way! For centuries, London grew and operated around the Thames, and travelling the river was actually the fastest way to get through London when many of the city’s streets were congested with horses, carts, and sewage. Many buildings that line the river today were actually constructed to be viewed from the river itself – so be sure to make a river cruise part of your trip to London and get yourself a whole new view of our beautiful city. Prices range from about $30 CDN for a bare-bones ride-only trip, through lunch cruises starting around $50 to a luxury evening dinner and dancing cruise for $150 and up. Tickets are even cheaper when combined with other attractions. There are short trips available but the longest go as far east as the Thames flood Barrier east of Greenwich and return. The whole trip takes about 2 hours.

Written by: Matthew David Owen

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