At first I thought about booking with a group tour but went against that idea. Instead, I followed my heart. I was appalled by the idea of pearls shopping… avoiding falling into the tourist traps. I wanted to live many magical and whimsical moments and the best way was to live like a local. I had my heart set on hiking through rice fields, eating local foods, taking photographs of local people and catching beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I found out about Dazhai while googling beautiful places in China. The rice terraces had the appearance of a dragon’s scale while the summit of the mountain resembled the backbone of a dragon, truly a wonder of nature . Wisdom Inn is a lovely sanctuary in the heart of the Dragon’s Backbone.  Sandy, the owner was friendly, kind, helpful and very environmentally conscious. While at the guesthouse, I met the happiest family of four; they were always smiling, always laughing, always together. They made me miss my family even more. The local people were warm and friendly, they stopped to greet and would ask, “Where are you going?” It was the people I met that made this trip so special. It was also this landscape that had captured my heart, more than any other place in China.











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