Congratulations to Kathleen Wynne on becoming Ontario’s first female premier—something that was long overdue in this supposedly progressive Province. In replacing Dalton McGuinty, hopefully Wynne will usher in a period of straight-shooting government. We have many problems in Ontario and it’s time we got a government that is prepared to have an honest conversation with Ontarians about a whole host of problems. First the energy policy is a mess. We have gone from being a cheap power province that was attractive to industry, to an expensive power jurisdiction. Politics has invaded the power sector resulting in dumb decisions about the placement of power plants—i.e cancelling one that is desperately needed in the GTA and instead placing it in Kingston. The wind energy sector is creating civil unrest in our rural communities as the opposition to the behemoth turbines grows. Hopefully the new Premier can put the brakes on a policy that some believe is destroying the rural character on parts of Ontario. Gridlock on our roads continues to stifle our economy, and contrary to what many at Queen’s Park seem to believe it can’t all be solved with public transit. We need some new roads to make sure our goods movement economy keeps pace with global competition. While most observers see the selection of Kathleen Wynne as shifting the party to the centre left, it is important that she listen to the centre right wing of the party as well. When the Liberal party looks too much like the NDP, the voters go for the real thing.










John Best has had a lengthy media management career, in television and radio and now print. As Vice President, News at CHCH in Hamilton, John oversaw a significant expansion of the news operation. He founded Independent Satellite News, Canada’s only television news service providing national content to Canadian independent TV stations. John is a frequent political commentator on radio and television, a documentary producer and author of a book and numerous articles on historical and political subjects. John is a past recipient of the New York Festival’s award for writing in the International TV category.

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