Joe Brant Hospital CEO  Eric Vandewall is thrilled to see the new 7-Storey Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower now open, and patients successfully transferred to the new facility, but he says there is still a lot of work to do in  the JBH Redevelopment & Expansion Project. “To bring the complete Joseph Brant campus up to a state of the art standard…we are working to advance the next phase of our master plan, which includes a tower similar to the one we are now opening to include the existing in patient units in the existing hospital.”

The new seven storey state-of-art Patient Tower combines technology, open spaces, and a calming environment to encourage health and healing. It features:

  • A covered foot bridge connecting the parking garage with the Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower.
  • A new Emergency Department
  • 172 acute inpatient beds
  • 9 new Operating Rooms  and a new post-anaesthetic care unit
  • Expanded Diagnostic Imaging  department and associated services
  • Expanded medical, surgical and outpatient services
  • Expanded Cancer Clinic
  • Expanded Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Renovated Special Care Nursery, level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Expanded and modernized laboratory
  • 70 per cent single-patient rooms across the hospital

Many Programs & Services have relocated to the new Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower.

The hospital worked with Pebble, a group out of the United States that takes best evidence and best practices from hospital design across the continent, researches them and then either demonstrates proof of concept, that that design was effective or not. The best of those concepts went in to the new JBH facility. Noted CEO Vandewall, “A great example is in the design of our in patient units themselves. So in our current building we have units that are up to 48 beds, one traditional nursing station, a traditional medication room and a supply room. In the new design we have a unit that is 48 beds in total, however, it consists of 4 pods of 12 beds to make up that 48 beds…so this is an example of by creating a more decentralized model we are able to reduce the travel time of nurses to either get supplies or medications, and to be more efficient with their time so they have more time to be at the bedside with patients.”

In keeping with the growth of the population served by JBH the new facility will allow it to do more surgical procedures, more in-patient medicine cases, and to treat more intensive care patients, as well as step-down unit patients. JBH is collaborating with  HHSC and other area hospitals. Says Vandewall, “we have established a relationship with Hamilton Health Sciences around a vascular services program here at Joseph Brant hospitals, whereby certain vascular procedures will be available at the Joseph Brant Hospital.”

By the time the 6 year plans is completed and funding is allocated JBH will have approximately 300 beds. Work will now turn to the existing building for extensive renovations. Until the end of 2018 , the services remaining at the tower will be labour and delivery, mental health as well as complex care and rehab programs.

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