There is an unsettling theme starting to get openly discussed in mainstream media in the US—mainstream cable at least—and that is some speculation that President Trump may be not in full control of his faculties. Actually the first time I heard this discussed was locally when an academic appeared on the Bill Kelly show locally and speculated about whether Trump was losing it so to speak. Now for the second time the issue has been raised on Morning Joe—the MSNBC flagship—by former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough and his co-host and recent off-screen partner Mika Brzezinski. Scarborough, who’s known Trump for years, warned Monday that the president’s “rambling and incoherent” speech patterns were “getting worse,” and he and Brzezinski returned from a week off the air to discuss their growing concerns.

“We’re going to say what maybe no one — we’ll do it again,” Brzezinski said. “I’m not sure he’s okay. I’m not sure he’s okay. You have that feeling with people who are not okay, where it starts to dawn on you that they are not okay. There’s a much bigger issue.”

The “Morning Joe” co-hosts stopped short of diagnosing the president, but they wondered if the stress of the job had triggered psychological problems or whether he was displaying confusion associated with a lack of sleep.

“It’s getting worse, worse than it has been,” Scarborough said. “You talk about the (Associated Press) interview and these other interviews. The president of the United States saying, ‘Gee, this is a lot harder than my last job was.’ There’s not a human being on the face of the earth that wouldn’t understand that you were stepping into the most difficult job of your life. Just look at pictures of presidents walking in and walking out of the White House.”

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