In a recent news release Apple expert John Gruber shared his thoughts about Apple’s potential iPad 5 launch event this month. He noted that even if the event gets pushed towards early May, the iOS 7 will not be unveiled with the new iPad.

Gruber revealed that Apple was late to deliver iOS 7, so the new iPad never received a public release copy. This confirms that the iPad 5 will come out with the latest iOS 6.1.3 public release. Despite not shipping with iOS 7, it will be fully suited to take on the brand new Apple iOS 7 when it is released.

He also weighed in on the misconception that Apple would unveil its redesigned 5th-generation iPad alongside iOS 7 this summer. It would not make sense to display the new iPad along with the new iPhones and line of iOS 7 devices since it would be running the 6.1.3 iOS.

Springtime will announce the iPad 5 and new iPad Mini. Then, summer will bring the new iOS7 and possibly new Macbook and iMac news. Bringing us to the iPhone 5s or 6, which will ship with iOS7, as it will be announced in the fall, in the usual Apple fashion.

There is no word on what other devices will support iOS 7, however the iPhone 5 is surely a given.

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