A joint venture by IBM and Hamilton Health Sciences has the potential to create hundreds of well-paid research jobs while at the same time providing an economic boost for Hamilton’s Downtown core.

The two announced today plans to establish a new centre in downtown Hamilton focused the commercial rollout of various healthcare innovations. Approximately 300 HHS staffers will move into new space in the Stelco tower and will be joined initially by 50 IBM employees. IBM Canada President Dino Trevisani says he hopes the Hamilton operation will grow to create hundreds of jobs.

The announcement was good news for Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger. “Hamilton is among the top cities in Canada for health research innovation,” he said. “This partnership is proof of the growing platform we have here to launch new ideas and turn them into new products that improve health care and create the jobs of tomorrow.”

IBM is contributing access to an array of its Watson cognitive and analytics software, expertise in cloud computing and high-performance computing infrastructure, and a network of global collaborators. HHS, with its cadre of more than 1,500 principal investigators and research staff, provides practical industry expertise and a “real-world” test environment.

Said Rob MacIsaac, president & CEO, HHS. “We’re creating an innovation space that will attract others to bring their ideas and solutions to the table for deployment across our healthcare system.

In two of the first projects, IBM and HHS will test how IBM Watson cognitive and analytics capabilities can be applied to learn how patients use the healthcare system; they will enhance HHS’s mobile early warning system, which electronically monitors a patient’s vital signs for subtle changes indicative of a worsening condition or pending medical event.


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