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Woman says she was pressured to accuse co-worker of sexual harassment

A former close friend who later became a constituency worker in the office of Hamilton Mountain MPP Monique Taylor, has filed a Human Rights complaint against the MPP alleging harassment, bullying and persistent pressure to file a false claim of sexual harassment against a co-worker. In a document filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario earlier this month, Sandra Troulinos says she had been friends with MPP Taylor for 34 years before being hired to work in her constituency office in 2014. She described the work environment as demanding but said she had performed her duties professionally and had received positive performance reviews up until the last year of her employment, when as the document reads, “… Monique has become increasingly aggressive and hostile towards my colleagues and me. She bullies and demeans us regularly. Most problematic though, is that she has made unfound allegations against my colleagues and complaints about them.” The document went on to describe a campaign by Taylor to force Troulinos to file a sexual harassment complaint against a co-worker, Alissa Watt. She recalled being called into Taylor’s office where the MPP asked her for her impressions of her co-worker.

“I told Monique that I liked Alissa, that she was quirky, funny and that she was complimentary and occasionally gave me hugs. I laughed about this and was obviously not concerned with Alissa or her conduct—I never, once, told Monique that Alissa made me uncomfortable or gave her any indication that I felt sexually harassed by Alissa’s behaviour.

In response, Monique told me that Alyssa’s conduct towards me (as I had described to her) was “not right” and that I should tell … Human Resources the next day. Not only did she say I should tell (HR), but she also told me that I “would” file a complaint with Human Resources about Alyssa. I told her that I would not because I did not believe I was being harassed or that Alyssa’s conduct was inappropriate. “

What followed, according to the filing, was “unrelenting” pressure from Taylor for Sandra to file the complaint, when she refused these requests, Taylor went ahead and filed the complaint herself. “She told me that if I did not participate it would make her look bad.  I simply could not lie about something which I did not take offense to or feel was wrong —I felt that it violated my own sexual integrity to be forced to conform with someone else’s view of what was and was not sexually appropriate,” the complaint continued.

The complaint, which has yet to be proven before the Human Rights Tribunal alleges that as a result of the pressure to falsely accuse a co-worker the work environment in the office became poisoned. Sandra went on a medical leave of absence last November and has filed a grievance with the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union (COPE) in addition to the Human Rights complaint. Alyssa is also on a medical leave, has filed a grievance and is expected to file a Human Rights Complaint as well.

The claim seeks damages totalling $225,000.

In response to enquiries by the Bay Observer, MPP Taylor issued the following statement. “If an employee has engaged a formal process to resolve her concerns, I look forward to participating and being fully cooperative. In fact, our human resources department has been proposing a fully independent investigation of this employee’s concerns for several months. To date, neither the employee nor her union have agreed to participate. I look forward to the outcome of any investigation into this matter.”

– Monique Taylor

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3 Comments to: Human rights complaint alleges harassment by MPP Monique Taylor

  1. Laverne

    March 23rd, 2018

    Maybe if the ndp did some background checks they may have realized this person was not a qualified choice for a government position. For this MPP to scrape the bottom of the barrel like this makes you wonder about her background? Who was this person before politics? Sickening how people of authority take advantage and feel privileged over others. And for her go out and advocate like she is a martyr to others on how companies and people should conduct themselves is over the top. Ms Taylor you need to answer to this complaint and step down yesterday. Stop hiding

    • Mary

      March 25th, 2018

      Laverne, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why would Monique step down ? She has not been found guilty? And it states that Monique herself wanted this investigation to take place but Sandra did not want one? $225,000 thats a big chunck for a single mom to make up lies ? People have done worse fpr less. So Laverne how about we leave Monique to do the good stuff that she does and when everything comes out in the wash then you may voice your opinion. So very sad to judge someone without all the facts. I have know Monique and Sandra both for 35 years, Im sorry but I do not believe this went down like that. Monique is fair and honest. Always has been now thats the truth! She has a heart of gold and would never intentionaly try to hurt anyone. This makes me question Sandra now.

  2. Laverne

    March 26th, 2018

    Mary, You have a kind heart, possibly have a connection to the MPP? Your last statement makes me wonder if you truly believe your opening statement. “what happened to innocent until proven guilty?” Your words not mine. Your presumption of innocence in a perfect world would mean that men get the same treatment right?. Many people have stepped down from anonymous allegations but this case Sandra has obviously went to lengths documenting. I don’t think someone wakes up and decides to make serious allegations without proof. Speaks volumes, especially when the MPP stays silent. If you read the column in the CBC she doesn’t deny them, she just says what I would assume her Lawyer or the party told her to. Where Andrea on this? Ya! she would make a great Mayor! I give more credence to the rumors and what I see that has been put on paper. Where were you when the Bay observer mentioned the amount of people that were off or bought out on tax payer money because of the horrible treatment they went through? Do you find it hard to believe from all of these people? I don’t. The labour party? It hasn’t been a labour party for a while, read the article where the union has also remained silent. The union is in bed with the party in my opinion. Just ask Dierdre Pike, she was smart enough to see it and she went to the Liberals. That says it all right there.


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