FBI Director James Comey, lauded by Hillary Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and an all star lineup of Democratic Party hierarchy as recently as July, when America’s top cop stopped just short of recommending a felony indictment against Clinton over her establishing a private email server and conducting at least some of the nation’s sensitive (perhaps most sensitive) business in a woefully insecure manner.

Comey at that time was accused by Clinton’s adversary Donald Trump and a reasonably impressive crew of GOP shot callers of having failed to perform due diligence, namely, dangle handcuffs in front of the former Secretary of State.

Then, role reversal. Democrats livid, accusing Comey of engineering the destruction of democracy, while Republicans were seen grinning ear to ear.

At this writing, I don’t know who will have made the call to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue late on the night of November 8, demanding a tour of his or her digs for the next four years, unless a ‘Nixon moment’ appears on the schedule sometime before the second Tuesday in November, 2020.

Even after the vote and the declaration of a President-elect, the challenges may well increase in scope.  Let’s say Hillary Clinton scores a victory at the polls, but while planning her Inaugural, the FBI is making other plans for her.  Of course, the Clinton campaign is accusing Comey of possibly violating federal law by engaging in political activity.  The notion the FBI Director may be doing his job and the ultimate sin was committed by the ex-Secretary of State is given short shrift by those carrying the Clinton’s water.

Clinton according to Democrats, is guilty of only one thing, making “a mistake.”  As in mistakenly operating a private server and sifting many thousands of emails through that private server, including government business.  Sensitive government business.  And for four years. Some mistake.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump who appeared to be political road kill October 26, is seen skating out of the corner with the puck on his stick on the 27th, while behind him remains largely political carnage.

So much happens so quickly in the chase for succession to the White House, that what I’ve written here may be out of date and overturned before the column is finished.

And this, my friends, is what American voters have, or had to choose from.

Written by: Roy Green

Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

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