On Monday May 7th, Google released its new Hangout  on Air feature for its social network Google+. The new add-on allows users to broadcast live to any viewer who tunes into their stream. Hangout on Air allows you to broadcast on your Google+ feed, YouTube channel or your website simultaneously. It also allows you to monitor the number of views, record the live session and share it.

Google hopes the new Hangout will drive users to create unique content and also make for an easier way to hold video conferences and online discussions.

Video bloggers and podcasters also have a new tool at their disposal for live blogging, interviews and more.

Once the Hangout initially begins, only the creator will be able to speak, but all users can coordinate through the chat function to ease confusion of setting up in the most ideal way. Live video will be simultaneously broadcast to YouTube and viewers can also make comments on that page.

Also during the duration of the Hangout, it will display the number of viewers currently watching your feed, allowing you to measure and leverage your content and timing of broadcasting.  After the Live Feed has finished, your video will be saved on your concurrent YouTube channel, allowing anyone to watch it and any time. The quality won’t be as good as other video programs but it allows a unique experience for users and your brand.

As innovative as this new technology is there are several factors that the user must consider before making their hangouts public to the world. Make sure that all material that is shown is not the property of another source, and make sure that all content is not copyright protected and that permission was granted by its creator for you to use.


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