NASA has posted a feature on its website on Hamilton’s Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii) and the Image Guided Automated Robot (IGAR) system developed by the Centre in collaboration with the developers of the Canadarm.

The robotic system will allow a surgeon to perform a biopsy of breast tissue, and then to either treat it or to tag it with an isotope for future surgery. Eventually the system will be adapted to allow tele surgery to remote areas. “The IGAR platform moves the use of robotics in surgery to a new dimension, allowing the robot to act in an automated fashion after programming by a physician,” said Dr. Mehran Anvari, chief executive officer and scientific director at CSii.

“This technology has been practiced in manufacturing and in space, but is new to medicine.” CSii partnered with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates manufacturers of Canadarm, to manufacture the system, and Hologic (largest company in the field of MR breast imaging and biopsy), for sale and distribution of this platform in North America, Europe and Australasia. Formed in 2009 CSii is located at St. Joseph’s Hospital and McMaster’s Innovation Park.


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