There is another transit project on the agenda for Monday’s Public Works meeting, a new park’n’ride facility which is planned for Hamilton mountain.

In 2008, the City of Hamilton received a $29.8 million capital grant through Metrolinx Quick Wins to implement transit ridership growth initiatives on the A-Line and B-Line.

One of those quick win projects identified is the Park’n’Ride’ facility to be located at the Mountain Transit Centre on Upper James St, located on the south mountain. The site is location of the transit garage being utilized by the Hamilton Street Railway. Until the A-Line Express bus started up in 2009 to serve the airport it was the southern most point served by the transit agency.

The new facility will include five bus bays with passenger shelters and a commuter parking lot which will include 72 public parking spaces for kiss-and-ride and park-and-ride. The bus platforms will be used by both the HSR and DARTS.

The Mountain Transit Centre is the hub for Mount Hope & Airport Trans-Cab service.

The project will also include stormwater management improvements to the area as the site is prone to flooding during major storms. Upper James will also be widened at the site to accommodate a turning lane for buses and commuters accessing the site.

McCormick Rankin Corporation has already completed a feasibility study, including an initial stormwater management analysis for the site and preliminary plans have been completed. Council approval is now needed to complete the engineering and detailed design work for the facility, which the report is pushing to also be awarded to MRC.

A standard request for proposal, which can take several months, could delay the start of the project which needs to be completed by the end of next year.

The “all-in” cost for the site will be $4.5 million, which is being fully funded by Metrolinx through the Quick Wins project. All “Quick Wins” projects need to be completed by December 31, 2013 to qualify for the funding.

One thing not covered in the report, which will likely be bought up during the meeting, are any possible plans to charge for parking at the facility. Some park’n’ride facilities around the province charge monthly parking fees to make use of these lots while others are free of charge.

The question will undoubtedly be posed on Monday.

The report also notes that transit users have already been ‘unofficially’ parking at the site to take the bus.

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