When Craig Mc Neill heard about the toxic water situation in Flint Michigan, he decided to do something about it. In January Craig founded a not-for-profit organization (HamiltonWaterforFlint) that has on 3 trips, donated over 86,000 bottles of Canadian drinking water to our US cousins in Flint Michigan. On these trips, 14 volunteers and Craig traveled to Flint and donated water to The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, as well as a water drop off center in a fire hall, and a local church. The Hamilton contingent also went door to door in the most challenged areas of Flint. With another trip to Flint that was planned for last weekend the total number of bottles delivered will exceed 125,000.

Catherine Ruddle, a Hamilton school teacher from A.M. Cunningham, who raised funds at her school, and Josh Breeze, a 15 year old student at Cathedral Catholic school who also raised donations, visited Flint to see first hand the difficulty faced by the people of Flint Michigan Donations for this effort have come in from as far away as Texas, but most are from individuals and corporations within Hamilton/Burlington and the Niagara region. Persons interested in donating can visit http://gofundme.com/t8neeypq

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