Teresa  DiFalco, Publisher of The Hamiltonian has registered

to run as Councillor for Ward 10 against incumbent Maria Pearson.


In a news release DiFalco states, “Teresa is looking forward to providing invigorated leadership and new ideas to Ward 10 and the broader City of Hamilton.”


The candidate was recently named Citizen of the Year by the Stoney Creek

Chamber of Commerce. She is the President of the Fruitland-Winona Community

Association for Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods, Publisher of The

Hamiltonian and is also a member of Hamilton’s Engagement Committee,

and the Farmers’ Market Focus Group.


Di Falco has worked for a numerous provincial ministries and agencies.

In her announcement she says she is refining her platform, which will be…

finalized through her discussions with residents of Ward 10, and the

taxpayers of Hamilton.  “I believe that serving as a Councillor should not be a lifelong career,” she added.

Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

One Comment to: Hamiltonian Publisher registers for Ward 10

  1. John Simpson

    August 1st, 2014

    Voters need to know that DiFalco is not interested in serving her community. Her track record speaks for itself – she has NO track record. She is useless. She is only interested in brainwashing people into thinking that they should vote for her based on lies she is telling. She is the publisher of the Hamiltonian – a self promoting, poorly written website full of propaganda. Her LinkedIn page says she was an executive at the government – that is a total lie. She says she grew up helping disadvantaged people – that’s a total lie. She simply can’t be trusted to represent our community – she will make decisions to further her personal goals. Maria Pearson on the other hand is an honest, driven, hard working, good person who has worked hard for Ward 10. She has dedicated many years to serving this fine community – vote her for again and you will not be disappointed. Vote for DiFalco and you’re voting for a loser.


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