The Dominican Republic is slowly picking up the pieces today a mere month after two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, ripped through its country. Hurricane Irma left more than 24,000 people in the Dominican Republic displaced. Hurricane Maria reportedly ripped the roofs off almost all buildings on the island.

Meanwhile, Anna Marie DiPronio a local Hamiltonian continues to do what she can for her ‘second home’ in the Dominican, providing books and school supplies to poor children. She ships school supplies and books twice a year from her home in Hamilton to ensure the most needy students receive them.

“After a career working at the City of Hamilton, the Dominican seemed to be a good fit,” said Anna Marie “My soul mate, who I hoped to spend my retirement years with, died suddenly and that left me with a huge void in my life. This charity work is for him and his people and as a small token of my love for him,” comments DiPronio.

The Ray of Sunshine Learning Centre is located in the local elementary school, Gregorio Luperon School, in Rio San Juan.  Gregorio Luperon has 650 students and there’s a smaller, mountainside school called Gregorio Garcia with 40 students.

Social action grew out of Anna Marie’s career with the City of Hamilton. As an outreach educator, she spent years running the Hamilton Walks for Haiti Walkathon– a local charity, run in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Ancaster, which builds wells in Haiti.

Ultimately, she’d like to provide a yearly scholarship to students who excel in the English language.

If you are interested in donating to the Ray of Sunshine Learning Centre, DiPronio can be reached at:

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