City of Hamilton Public Health Services is advising clients who received a tattoo from Stephen Baxter at 181 Jackson St. West or at an alternative address  or from an individual known as J. R. to seek medical attention. Hamilton Public Health Services has evidence that the tattooing equipment used by these artists is not cleaned and sterilized between clients. Clients who received tattoos from either of these artists or at a private residence at this address may be at risk of acquiring blood borne infections such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV. Clients should speak to their physician about the need for testing.

An order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act has been issued to Mr. Stephen Baxter requiring that all tattooing be stopped until appropriate cleaning and disinfection of equipment is established.

Equipment used in tattooing such as needles must be single use disposable or sterilized before each client. Using equipment that is not sterile can pose a risk to the client and the risk of spreading blood-borne infections from the re-use of needles is high.

To date, there have been no documented infections in Hamilton attributed to this premise; however, blood-borne infections may go unrecognized because there may be no initial symptoms. Also, those with infections may not be able to determine how they became infected.

Public Health Services conducts routine inspections of licensed personal services settings such as tattoo parlours. Public Health Services is reminding all personal service settings operators of the need to use sterile needles at all times. It is also recommended that members of the public ensure a tattoo artist is inspected and licensed by the City of Hamilton before getting a tattoo.

If you have any questions about a specific tattoo parlour or other personal service setting, contact Public Health Services at 905-546-2063.

City of Hamilton Public Health News Release

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