23% of Hamiltonians surveyed reported having high blood pressure

A new StatCan study has reported that Hamilton residents have markedly higher levels of obesity and high blood pressure than the national average.

The statisticians reported that nearly a quarter of Hamiltonians surveyed self-identified as having high-blood pressure, representing a sizeable disparity with the national average of 17.6 per cent. That difference, according to StatCan, is “significant.”

In addition, 60.9 percent of Hamiltonians surveyed were identified as overweight or obese. The national average is 52.1 percent.

Obesity rates in Hamilton eclipse those of the national average

The huge number of complications associated with obesity and high blood pressure can be seen as a genuine cause for concern in Hamilton’s health sector and for the overall wellbeing of the city’s population.

The survey also polled individuals on other health and lifestyle factors such as tobacco, alcohol, and healthy food consumption; Hamilton did not show a similar divergence to the national average on these issues.

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