Halton Region is marking Paramedic Week, May 26 to June 2, by donating three decommissioned ambulances: one ambulance to St. John Ambulance, Oakville-Milton and Halton Hills Branch, and two ambulances to Ozone Systems International.

“Here in Halton we are very fortunate to have such highly trained and dedicated paramedics,” said Halton Region Chair Gary Carr. “I am happy to have these decommissioned ambulances go to good causes where other highly-trained professionals can put them to good use.”

Each ambulance’s lifespan in Halton is roughly five years or more than 225,000 km. The decommissioned ambulances are either disposed of at auction or, upon request, donated to an organization with a demonstrated need. In the past, Halton Region has donated to other local branches of St. John Ambulance, as well as other international aid organizations.

St. John Ambulance will use their new vehicle (an SUV) to enhance service by providing first aid at public events in Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills as a mobile first aid post.

“The volunteers of St. John Ambulance support hundreds of public events and commit over 10,000 hours of medical first aid coverage and service each year in Halton,” reported Tim Bauer, St. John Ambulance Oakville-Milton and Halton Hills Branch Manager. “Thanks to the Region, we will be able to maintain and enhance our services right here in Halton.

Ozone Systems International will send the two vehicles to South Sudan to move sick and injured patients to the hospital.

“Currently, there are only three ambulances servicing three million people in South Sudan, so there is clearly a great need for these ambulances,” reported Dr. Wycliffe Baird, Vice President, Ozone Systems International. “Without the support of Halton Region we wouldn’t be able to provide the much needed support to the people of South Sudan.”



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