I am a 25-year resident in the Landsdale neighbourhood of Ward Three. Landsdale was once a vibrant community of neighbours who would often know everyone on their block.

When I moved into the area it was reeling from the extremely socially toxic effect of intensification of care facilities that had been allowed, by the City of Hamilton, to locate in close proximity to each other.

The result was that long-time residents, the heart of the neighbourhood, almost without exception, moved out to other locations, to Hamilton Mountain, Ancaster, Stoney Creek or Dundas.

The rest of the story is predictable and very dismal, crime, including theft, assaults, prostitution and illicit drug activity rose while property values dropped. I can recall one day having experienced some vandalism and accordingly I called police who arrived several hours later.

Unbelievably, the standard response from an officer, in those days, would be to remind me that I had chosen to live here in this neighbourhood and that was why I was repeatedly a victim of crime.

Chief Glen DeCaire and his changes have been a breath of badly needed fresh air in Ward Three. We are now seeing higher levels of enforcement against prostitution and drug activity. I feel more secure walking in the park or downtown.

Chief De Caire’s staff have been very supportive of community events like the Prostitution Roundtable 2010 and attend our Landsdale Neighbourhood Association meetings.

We are now closer to having the same security enjoyed by the wider community of Hamilton.

Thank you, Chief DeCaire.

Brian L. Bonham, 

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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