Wildwood New Jersey is Philadelphia’s Port Dover but much, much more. Philadelphia-based teen pop idols of the 50’s like Bobby Rydell, the Dovells and Charlie Gracie used to sing about Wildwood. Actually the whole Jersey shore serves as a playground for Philadelphians but Wildwood has a special significance as it is also rumoured to be the place where rock n’ roll began.
Visiting Wildwood is like stepping into a time machine headed straight to the mid 1950’s, The town prides itself on it’s collection of authentic, pastel coloured motels—mostly pink and turquoise, similar to the colour schemes on the cars of the day. And yes, if you’re going to Wildwood forget about luxury hotels—it’s all motels, glorious in their unapologetic homage to a simpler time. You can get a two-room suite complete with tasteful faux wood panelling, that can sleep up to 8 for less than $200. Cheap, cheerful and clean.
Wildwood is a family place with sandy beaches, an old fashioned boardwalk, 3 amusement parks with fabulous midways and a water park right on the beach. 50’s rock idol Charlie Gracie, now 80 still pays a few dates a year at Wildwood and other venues in eastern Pennsylvania. He is an outstanding guitarist, and this year will be honoured as Italian-American Man of the year at a festival in Wildwood in September. For more information on accommodations and events visit http://www.gwcoc.com/local_information.html

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