[dropcap]C[/dropcap]onstruction of the Pan Am stadium in Hamilton will involve major international and Canadian construction companies but will also have a decidedly local flavour.

The overall project design, build and financing has been awarded to Ontario Sports Solutions — a consortium formed specifically for all of the Pan Am facilities including the Hamilton stadium.

Ontario Sports Solutions has two major players — Bouygues Building Canada, whose French parent company oversaw projects valued at $40 Billion in its most recent year, and Kenaidan Construction of Mississauga who have completed dozens of projects throughout the GTAH.

But the bulk of the physical layout of the Hamilton stadium will be locally produced. Walters Inc. of Rymal Road will produce all of the prefabricated steel that will form the skeleton of the stadium, and Canada Building Materials of Burlington will provide the concrete slabs used in the stadium flooring and decks.

With the site now virtually cleared, pouring of the concrete footings that will support the steel superstructure has already begun. Nothing goes to waste in modern construction. All of the concrete used in the 80 year old Ivor Wynne stadium has been crushed and will be used as aggregate on the new site and to build temporary construction roads for heavy trucks. All of the structural steel in the old stadium has been recovered and recycled.

Erection of the steel skeleton will begin sometime in June. Garreth Barkey, the site supervisor, says the steel sections are being built at Walters and will be numbered and then trucked to the site for assembly.

“It’s like an Erector Set,” he explained, referring to the popular metal toy construction sets that fascinated kids since 1916. “Each piece is numbered and has a connection to the pieces next to it.”

While not committing to firm dates, Garreth Barkey expects the steel will be up in place by this fall. The installation of the precast cement slabs will be taking pace along with the steelwork.

“We hope to have the under-stand areas closed in and weatherproofed by Christmas so we can get to work on all of the finishing work in the underside,” he said.

Seating will be installed in connected sections, much like another child toy favorite — LEGO.

Barkey says the team is very aware of the need to be finished in time for the Ticat 2014 season, and at this point he is confident the date will be met.

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