The food industry, especially the fast-food industry is coming under increasing criticism for marketing unhealthy foods to Canadians. Loblaws is trying to reverse the trend by tapping into the healthy eating market, with a line of healthy foods. Health-conscious Canadians, who want to eat better, can start by filling up a grocery cart with PC Blue Menu products, designed to help consumers eat less fat or sodium while increasing fibre, omega-3 fatty acids or other nutrients.

The company has a variety of healthy products. For instance: Teddy’s Choice is a new product line aimed at infants.  Mini Chefs is a healthy food targeting 5 to 10 year-olds. Blue Menu is food marketed to health-conscious adults with vegetarian options like the Blue Menu roasted lasagna. For those looking for low-fat products there is the Blue Menu Minestrone Soup, or Scottish Haddock fillets. Blue Menu whole-wheat tortillas are also available, for those looking for high-fibre products.

PC Blue Menu Granola Boost with Protein Cereal is made with whole-grain oats and wheat flavoured with semi-sweet chocolate chips and cocoa providing soy protein, fibre and a source of 8 vitamins and minerals.

“Whole grains are an important source of nutrition because they contain all parts of a plant’s seed which means they tend to have more nutrients than refined grains,” says Tina Stewart, Loblaw nutritionist.

To help families develop and maintain good habits when preparing meals Loblaw banner stores offer several activities, resources and nutritional solutions. They have introduced the program Guiding Stars. The program rates the nutritional quality of the food using a third party impartial rating system using Canada’s Food Guide.  If they meet the appropriate criteria, foods have a rating of 1, 2 or 3 stars with 3 being the highest rating. The program rates foods based on vitamins, minerals, fibre, whole grains, omega-3s, saturated fat, trans fat, added sodium and added sugar.

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