Recently I’ve noticed that when it comes to dressing for the weather, men are just plain stubborn. When contemplating the subject of the article this month, I began to observe and do some online research. I loved a series of photos by Bill Cunningham that I found on the New York Times site – men literally jumping over slush filled curbs a few days after a large snowfall in Manhattan – in their suits and with their beautiful “day” shoes on. Other images included the “won’t do up my overcoat no matter how cold it is” kind of guy and the “you won’t catch me wearing a scarf” kind of guy. I admit, I went straight to the team at Scrivener’s for some advice. What can a guy do to protect the back of his suit pants from getting splashed on in this kind of weather? The response was the same one I got from my husband, Jeff. Umm – nothing really.

Drycleaners must love it!! Shoes can be protected though with an awesome product called SWIMS– modern galoshes. Now you are thinking – my father had a pair of those (even my “never wear a warm coat'” father had galoshes – I totally remember them). The founder of the company was passed down a pair of galoshes from his late grandfather. He was teased at his Paris art school as he wore them over his Chuck Taylor’s Converse sneakers to combat the rain. Later in life he fell into the image- conscious culture and tackled the slushy New York streets discussed above sans galoshes. Many ruined pairs of shoes later, the SWIMS galosh was created! Function meets fashion – the perfect man style equation! While scarves have become a fashion statement for men despite the weather, it really does make good sense to invest in a few cold weather weight cashmere, wool or “cashmere feel” scarves.

Another function meets fashion concept. Fill in the neckline and you will be amazed how warm you feel. As the weather warms up a bit when spring starts to bloom, add your scarf to an unstructured blazer so that it becomes your outwear piece. Remember to layer as you go – all the way in to spring! Toques are also totally in style, so throw one on even with your business suit and overcoat – guess what – function and fashion meet again. I will be busy working on a solution for those splash marks on the back of your pants, but in the meantime, stay warm and dry and try to look darn good while doing so!

By: Joelle Goddard- Cooling

Joelle Goddard – Cooling and Jeff Cooling are the owners of Joelle’s and Jeff ’s Guyshop and are partners with Lou Frasca and Dan Bishop at Scrivener’s Men’s Apparel. All three businesses are located on Brant Street in Downtown Burlington.

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