Regardless of what people may think about Doug Ford, whether he will be Ontario’s Donald Trump or the “help is on the way guy”, when the legislature resumes the Conservative benches will show a level of diversity and youth that has not been seen before in an Ontario PC caucus.

At dissolution in May, the Progressive Conservative front bench had only 6 women in a caucus of  27 which works out to 22 percent female members. Now Ford will have 24 women in the caucus, raising the ratio of female’s to 32 percent.

When the election was called the Conservatives had but one visible minority MPP, 82 year old Raymond Cho. Cho will now be joined by 11 more members of visible minorities, as well as a number of members with immigrant backgrounds.

The professions and business are well represented with half a dozen lawyers, two doctors, two optometrists, a retired judge, and several people with prominent careers in business.

The election has also served to knock ten years off the average age of the Ford Caucus from 58 years to 48 years.



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2 Comments to: Ford Caucus shows youth, diversity

  1. Sarah

    June 18th, 2018

    This is not Ford’s Caucus, it is Patrick Brown’s Caucus.

  2. Mike Orangefield

    July 20th, 2018

    Wow. 21 Cabinet ministers. 7 women in cabinet 2 of which were his opponent. 1 visible minority. No mention of Natives in the legislature and no address in French Real diverse.


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