Whether you are looking at purchasing new furniture or updating solid pieces that you currently own, there are several options to consider when you are ‘dressing’ your furniture.  Will you choose new upholstered, slipcover or reupholster to achieve your look?


There is no quick answer to the question, “Should I reupholster or buy something new?” It depends on what kind of shape the piece is in, the cost of fabric/how much fabric is needed, and cost of labour.

Reupholstering means that the piece will be stripped down to its bones and rebuilt, essentially giving you a new piece of furniture. A reputable reupholster will provide you with an estimate for quantity of fabric and labour cost once they have seen your piece.

Once you are satisfied that the construction of your furniture is suited to you, your choice in upholstery fabric is the next most important factor that will determine the longevity of your sofas and chairs. And choosing upholstery can be a confusing task. From rubs and grades, to natural versus synthetic fabrics, colours, patterns and more, there are a lot of things to consider.

To be sure that you are making the best investment, always work with a professional when choosing fabric for your furniture. They can provide advice on colour, pattern and type of fabric suited to your pieces. Professionals will also simplify and advise on ideal weight; thread count and quality versus cost.  It is a good idea to ask for a swatch of the fabric that you can take home and “live with” for a few days in your space before making your final decision.


Slipcovers have evolved over the years and now they are more functional, fashionable and give you the freedom for custom casual pieces just the way you want them!

Slipcovers are ideal for families, and people with pets, as they can be easily removed and laundered or dry-cleaned. They are also very versatile. You can change the look of your space with the change of a slipcover. Many people will purchase two options in different colours or textures to change seasonally.

There are several kinds of slipcovers from ready-made to completely custom.

Ready-made or over-the-counter slipcovers are designed for standard furniture sizes and mass-market pieces. This may mean a little tucking and pinning is required to get a good fit. These are ideal for your most casual spaces, like a breakfast nook, incorporating a new look when on a tight budget.

Semi-custom slipcovers are ideal for an existing piece of solid furniture that you want to update. Specific measurements of your piece are taken; you can pick the fabric (using a decorating consultant) and have the slipcover custom sewn to your specifications.

Custom slipcovered furniture lines offer you the unique flexibility of choosing the furniture piece and the fabric.  Research the various furniture companies as there are differences between those that may specialize in a “shabby chic” slipcover look or a more tailored slipcover look.

Again, it’s always best to involve a professional when choosing fabrics for slipcovers. It’s important to use an upholstery grade fabric and be aware of whether it is dry-clean or machine washable fabric.

Following are some general care tips for any of your furniture, courtesy of shopfourseasonsfurniture.com

  • Seat cushions and back pillows should be reversed regularly.
  • Seat cushions should be rotated from side to side.
  • Back pillows and throw pillows should be fluffed regularly.

Vacuum with a soft brush attachment to get excess dust and dirt.

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