If you have been perusing your local fashion retail windows in the last week or so, you may have noticed an early arrival of new Fall merchandise. No, this isn’t a cruel indication that summer has already passed you by! In actual fact, there are really only two main seasons in the fashion world. “Spring” typically encompasses the months from January to June, while “Fall” encompasses the months from July to December. As a result, what you are seeing in-store are the pre-Fall collections that will help ease your wardrobe into the cooler months to come and help you stay one step ahead of the trends.

There are many benefits to shopping the pre-Fall collections now. First, you’ll be able to get familiar with some of the wonderful new looks, textiles, colour palettes and style updates that will figure predominantly with your fellow fashionistas come autumn. For example, you’ll find Fall silhouettes to be closer to the body, while skirt and dress hemlines have been extended even longer.

Lace continues to be a featured ingredient in most collections, adding textures that range from the delicate to out-right risqué. Colour trends, meanwhile, settle into more subdued tones that range from deep navy blues to effervescent champagnes and pinks. Other Fall trends of note are playful collegiate looks, fringe accents, diagonal motifs and cuts, and a lot of bows in a variety of sizes, lengths and shapes.

The second reason to shop pre-Fall collections is that most outfits fall into the “buy now / wear now” category. These transitional garments will give you the versatility to combine and layer as needed, and to therefore weather the ups and downs of Canadian summer days without missing a step. I’ll also dare to mention that the upcoming Fall season’s bomber jackets, turtle necks and blanket coats will likewise help carry you straight through to those early winter days.

Of course, we don’t have to look too far beyond the summer sun. The third and final reason to visit your local fashion retailer in the coming weeks is that now is also the perfect time to scoop up those spring and summer outfits you’ve been keeping your eye on. Many retailers will have their spring and summer merchandise on permanent sale in order to make way for those pre-Fall and Fall collections. You will be certain to enjoy the best of both worlds as you shop deals on light-weight summer dresses and dressy shorts, while also picking up the latest pre-Fall looks.

After such a long winter, perhaps Mother Nature will even compensate us all with an endless summer. It’s a very fashionable idea indeed, if I do say so myself.

Written by: Mark Gould

Mark Gould is the president of Milli– a fashion boutique in business in Hamilton since 1964 and in Yorkville since 2004.

Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

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