Photo: Collar Necklace by Chriselle Lim- The Chriselle Factor

Sometime I really hate watching fashion shows because I want everything but I cannot have all. However impossible is not in my vocabulary. If a fashionista cannot buy something, she will make it. I  have spent a lot of time searching for fashion DIY tutorials over the last few years. Here are 10 fun and interesting fashion tutorials you really need to try.

1. Collar Necklace

2. Lace Back Top

3. Spiked Heels

4. Knuckle Clutch

5. Edgy Spikey Top

6. Sequin-Collar Top

7. Sequined Clutch

8. Embellished Cuff

9. Bold Striped Clutch


10. Antique Lace Accessories


And if this is not enough, don’t forget to check out another 10 amazing DIY videos on my fashion blog.

Good luck!!!

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