Ladies, hit that snooze button.

Studies done at Duke University in North Carolina showed that women who are sleep deprived wake up more angry and hostile than men who receive the same amount of sleep. The study also found that for women, not getting enough Z’s may have more serious health consequences than it does for men.

Researchers studied 210 men and women who were getting the same amount of sleep at night, taking any disruptions into account. They found along with a higher risk of heart disease, depression, and clotting factors in their blood, there are more inflammation markers in sleep deprived women than in men.

Those markers lead to other health problems, and can actually cause women to be in pain when they wake up in the mornings.

Almost anyone would be a little cranky if they woke up in immediate pain.

Also, when a human is deprived of sleep, it is more difficult for them to recognize emotions, and negative emotions are more easily recognizable, making things worse. A different study, from the Neuroscience Lab in Singapore showed that we’re reactive rather than proactive when we’re tired.

The anger, hostility and distress felt by women who have had a poor night’s sleep is not experienced with the same intensity (if at all) in men who’ve had disrupted rest.

It’s been suggested before that women require more rest than men, and the reasoning is because the womans’ multi-tasking brain. Sleep is required for the brain to recuperate from the day.

During sleep, the cortex, which is responsible for memory, language and thought, frees itself from feeling the senses and goes into recovery mode. Not giving your brain enough time to bounce back from the day can mean a bad day tomorrow.

If you’re having trouble achieving a good amount of sleep, a suggested solution is taking strategic naps that are either 25 or 90 minutes in length. Naps of any other length have a greater potential to leave someone feeling worse than before they took a rest, advises sleep expert Dr Michael Breus.

Men with complex jobs may also require more sleep than the average male, but likely still not the same amount as females. So try to be a little more understanding to your ladies in the morning, apparently it’s only natural to be a little irritated.

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