Even if Hamilton had the necessary $41 to $61 Million, which it does not, staff suggest widening the Red Hill Expressway and the Linc to relieve congestion is not a good idea at this time. The main problem contained in a staff report is that the real bottleneck is at the points where the Red Hill and Linc connect to the 403 in Ancaster and the QEW in east Hamilton. In both cases the provincial highways can’t handle an increase in traffic. Both interchanges are highly congested during rush hour as it is, and increasing the flow of vehicles by widening the expressways would make matters worse.
The report indicated that both expressways were designed to accommodate future expansion, but without upgrades to 403 and QEW it is not recommended. “In addition,” the report continues, “widening of the parkways will increase the potential for speeding/accidents in the non-peak periods.” The other problem is that the current crossing of the Niagara Escarpment at the top of the Red Hill cannot be widened.

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