“I don’t remember.” The most likely answer from almost everyone, if you ask this question. “What was the big story when Donald Trump declared his intent to pursue becoming President of the United States?”

Of course you don’t remember. I tried Google and it appeared somewhat confused.

So, here were are, on the cusp of our southern neighbours electing a President who will occupy an office which previously welcomed Roosevelt, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Carter and a Bush or two. Might have been three. Could still be Clinton two.

If the November 8, 2016 election will be remembered for anything, I mean really remembered, it will be the utter weirdness of the mess. Polling appears to suggest American voters want neither of them.

Ultimately, it’s not about the players this time. It’s mostly about the voters. Angry voters, or perhaps more accurately, if less genteel, it’s about pissed off voters.

Particularly, those determined to bury their pencil lead into the ballot as they mark an ‘X’ beside the name Donald Trump.

Trump voters are po’d at big government, small minded politicians and elite media types. They’re doubly po’d at being labeled, if they refuse to sign on to being too smart to vote for Trump. In other words, vote for Trump and Clinton will shout odds are you’re “deplorable.”

How often have you heard/seen a chattering head on a TV screen rattle on about “college educated, suburban, six figure income, forty-something’s” being Clinton voters.

Who is prepared to vote for Trump then? “High school education, low income, renters not owners, white and bigoted.”


What I’ve enjoyed is asking my Canadian listeners to share why they’re so passionate about Donald Trump. The phone lines are as instantly jammed, just like the various stadiums and arenas where DT speaks across the United States. They love the guy!

You see, Trump attacks big everything. Big government (habitually occupied by liars), big business (fire good people by the hundreds and even thousands at home, while delivering career jobs to Mexico and points farther afield), big media (see big government).

These views are not spoken. They are shouted into my headset. By Canadians who can’t vote in the U.S.

What about my asking Canadian listeners why they’re passionate about Hillary Clinton? Are you kidding? Talk radio isn’t fuelled by empty phone lines.

My brain suggests from time to time that Trump has crossed the line from which there is no return. My gut though tells me Donald Trump will be calling Barack Obama late on the evening of November 8. “I want the keys.”

My gut told me Brits would vote Brexit the moment Obama told them not to. Incumbency, your own (see David Cameron), or someone else’s is not a winning hand in 2016.

My gut has been screaming Trump since he hurled a reasonably impressive (by usual primaries voting standards) GOP POTUS field into the political abyss.

Clinton? Think about it. A really old dude from Burlington, Vermont, wagging a crooked finger and croaking “political revolution” had Madame Secretary on the ropes until the Dems, deck stacked with super delegates, cheated Bernie Sanders out of a debate date with Donnie.

So, what’s going to happen on November 8?

I’ll answer that by quoting from the concession speech: “Why didn’t I win by 50 points….?”

This election is so out of synch with usual reality that Hillary Clinton could win by those 50 points. Who can know what will yet emerge on this potholed trail to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Oh, and a news headline from June 16, 2015, the day on which Donald Trump declared himself a candidate for POTUS, “Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup!”

An omen? No. Couldn’t be.

Written by: Roy Green

Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

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