Update 6pm PST:

Had two canvasses today, one in Summerlin and one in Northwest Las Vegas.

Very good response from both polls, but that is to be expected as the list contains Registered Democrats or people have stated there voting Democrat.

The Northwest poll shocked me a bit as it is in the same neighbourhood as the not very friendly poll of Sunday.

The turnout is huge; the Secretary of State of Nevada is expecting a turnout of 83%, a voting record.

Many large line ups at the polling stations.  The rule is if you are in line at the close, 7pm, then you can vote no matter how long it will take.  This could be a long night.

Results from the rest of the country are trickling but everyone is still out pulling the vote here.

The tension is quite large right now, much different from yesterday.  We’re told that it’s close in Florida, with the President leading, and Romney ahead in Virginia right now.

Time to get back to the office.



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