It’s always refreshing to pick up a New York Post every once in a while to get a refresher course on how to do sassy, gossipy, in-your-face news reporting. Their most recent front page story? Not the WikiLeaks hack of the CIA, or the latest Trump outburst. No they have a story about an  ongoing battle for publicity between New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo…both racing to be the first to arrive at the scene of a Brooklyn bomb scare (Cuomo got there first) .It was in the Post that we first learned that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter had left his wife to take up with his late brother’s widow. And for me at least, it was the first place I learned of the romance between Jennifer Lopez and ex Yankee Alex Rodriguez.  Speaking of J-LO, a page six story (puzzlingly on Page 12) has Lopez’s Shades of Blue  co-star Ray Liotta mock dissing the singer-actress saying he can’t name one of her songs adding “I don’t give a s—t.” In other news, a Jersey City trucker was nailed by police for evading bridge and tunnel tolls totalling $308,000, and the knives are already out at NBC as recent Fox News defector Megan Kelly told reporters she wants to do an Oprah –type show, avoiding hard news. But, she says she wants to hire her own producers as she fears control-freak Today host Matt Lauer will try to sabotage her ratings by installing his own loyalists to manage her new 10am talk show.

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