Let’s face it, denim is man’s best friend. It has been a fabric of choice forever for weekends and date nights and now it has pushed its way in to Casual Friday’s, Golf Clubs and beyond. An older gentleman walked in to a restaurant the other night wearing the traditional navy blazer, blue shirt, jeans and loafers. Looked sharp, classic and put together. Timeless, but there is an update to this. The key to upping the ante when you are dressing up denim is all about the styling and the wash. Your old faded favourites need not appear for this look. Be current and respectful with up to date washes and styling to pull this off. Keep your faded jeans for more casual times and please do not wear them loose and baggy. The current shape? According to GQ “After all the back-and-forth between skinny and relaxed jeans over the past few years, we’ve landed in a sweet spot: a low-to-medium rise, meaning it’s not too snug in the seat, and a leg that’s cut close but doesn’t hug your shins or butt. Good now, good forever.”

The wash? Start with a clean, dark wash. If you are really into fashion, you will want a salvage denim. Otherwise, just go as dark and clean as you can find. Buy the best quality brand you can as well. Believe me, ask any woman, it does make a difference when you wear premium denim. Size? Remember, denim does give when you wear it. Start tighter than you think you should. Once you have that perfect jeans picked out, the backdrop is set. For the client dinner, pair them with your shirt, tie and favourite blazer for a not trying too hard look. Casual Fridays lend to being a bit more creative. Lose the tie, add a fun shirt – maybe plaid – and try an unstructured blazer. Keep your shoes polished and sharp – the essential brogues come in lots of new variations, so feel free to have some fun with your feet. The Chukka boot is also an option that keeps the look professional but more casual. These basic guidelines will work regardless of your age or body type. Find yourself the perfect pair and try it out. Your leather jacket will love you. While these jeans work for dressing up, they also make your tees and sweaters look pretty good too. I bet you’ll get some compliments, which is not bad for the ego either!

Joelle Goddard-Cooling

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