Don’t get him wrong, Hamilton Community Housing resident Peter Llewellyn says the new building he has been occupying for the past 8 months is a vast improvement over the Dickensian hell hole that was assigned to him at 181 Jackson Street West. There, almost daily outbursts of violence, suicide, drug dealing and intimidation kept law-abiding seniors and other tenants in an almost constant state of terror behind locked doors. Compared to that, Peter Llewellyn acknowledges that his new digs at 801 Upper Gage Avenue are a relative paradise. “It’s a nice quiet place, tenants are friendly,” says Llewellyn. He doesn’t disagree with Clr. Tom Jackson in whose ward 801 Upper Gage is located; that with recent renovations the complex is probably the “flagship” of Hamilton Community Housing’s stock of buildings. But 801 Upper Gage is apparently home to the proverbial one bad apple—a violent and aggressive man, possibly with mental health issues. The tenant in question has sucker –punched a senior, swears at fellow tenants, reportedly kicked an elderly Chihuahua Dog across the parking lot and makes sexually suggestive comments to female seniors in the complex. Llewellyn in an email to Clr. Jackson  wrote “This tenant is violent & aggressive. The Police will not arrest him. ..(they) turn him loose without charges. He hangs around the front entrance every single day. He physically  blocks many tenants from using this front entrance & has been known to throw punches at seniors who try to get around him. He pushes, shoves and insults fellow tenants with impunity.  I and many other tenants will not get on the elevator with him.” Jackson wasted no time getting City Housing staff on the case and they reported back that it is a “delicate situation,” as they endeavor to get a doctor in to interview the tenant, “in a comfortable environment for this tenant without agitating him.”

From his experiences at 181 Jackson , Peter Llewellyn said the issue of tenant violence and intimidation will infect an entire building if it is not nipped in the bud. He wants to keep it from happening in an otherwise well-run and well maintained complex.

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