CityLAB will bring together City of Hamilton staff with students and educators from McMaster University, Mohawk College and Redeemer University College to work on real community problems and come up with real solutions. Under the CityLAB model teams of students from various disciplines form a team including City of Hamilton staff, and an instructor working to identify complex challenges related to the theme areas of healthy neighbourhoods, climate change, and municipal excellence.
Since the launch of the program seven months ago seven projects have been launched involving more than 6,000 student hours. Some of the projects include:

  • A survey to improve chronic traffic violations in a west mountain neighbourhood
  • A plan for Mohawk building students to help with cost-effective repairs to City Housing Units
  • Sampling and remediation of brownfields using a multi-disciplinary team
  • Building increased ridership of SOBI bikes by Mac students
  • Develop a strategy to get more community engagement in McQuesten urban farm

CityLAB is a partnership between city staff, students and academic leaders to help support the overall sustainability and livability of Hamilton, while giving students a unique opportunity to gain new skills, build a tangible connection to their city and work together for the good of the community.
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