The City of Hamilton has told property owners to “exercise caution” when approached by contractors.

This week, the City of Hamilton’s public works department released a statement warning commercial and residential property owners to “exercise caution” when approached by construction contractors.

The Tuesday press release outlined an incident that occurred when a business owner on Nash Road, a location where the city completed a construction project, was approached by a contractor who “falsely implied” that the contractor was working on behalf of the city.

The contractor was not named by the city.

“The contractor told the business owner that their driveway would need to be removed for the construction work and the property owner would be responsible for the cost of materials to replace the driveway once the work was completed,” read the statement.

“The City is not affiliated with this contractor. Before any construction project begins, the City’s protocol is to deliver notices on City letterhead to affected property owners to describe the scope of work and provide key contact information for City staff and the contractor. “

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