For transit riders in Hamilton journeys are sometimes marred by boorish behaviour by other riders. The city recently passed a new by-law that will help try to make taking the bus a little less stressful.
While the HSR has always requested that riders behave in a safe and appropriate manner, the new by-law provides greater clarity and confirms that HSR can ask riders to leave its vehicles or premises, or ticket a rider who is behaving inappropriately or disturbing other riders.
Examples of conduct that is considered inappropriate are:
• Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes on transit vehicles, or in terminals, shelters or bus loops
• Riding a bicycle, skateboard or rollerblading inside a transit station or terminal
• Riding or holding on to the exterior of a transit vehicle
• Operating a radio or other device without headphones or through headphones at a high volume
• Failing to wear shirt or shoes
• Spitting
• Begging, soliciting or panhandling
• Damaging or attempting to damage transit property
• Holding open the doors on a transit vehicle, or blocking the door detection sensors
• Using profane or obscene language, or causing a disturbance or nuisance

The by-law protects riders from being overcharged. Authorized vendors are the only people who may sell HSR fare, and they are forbidden to sell it for a higher price than face value.
Another change is that only service animals will be permitted on board buses or in HSR shelters, terminals or offices. Other animals may be allowed on board if they are contained in a carrier device, and if the transit vehicle is not crowded.

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