Friday , October 31 2014
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Information Bombardment by Nick Bontis


The following is an excerpt from Information Bombardment: Rising above the digital onslaught.  It is reprinted here with permission from the publisher. The day was absolutely perfect. My family and I arrived on the island of Santorini in the middle of the Aegean Sea. If you have never been to this little piece of paradise, I encourage you do so ... Read More »

Everybody needs an elevator pitch


You have probably already heard of the elevator pitch. This is where you give a pitch in about 30 – 45 seconds to someone telling them why they should do business with you. I believe everyone should have an elevator pitch; but your elevator pitch shouldn’t just be about your business— you should have an elevator pitch about yourself as ... Read More »

My prediction of the future of Business Tech 2014


In the 1990’s Microsoft office was the tool to use in sending email, managing your calendar, contacts and making notes on every business lead prospect. Then came the PalmPilot a tool that would synchronize the information from Microsoft office into a handheld device that you could take with you. Around this time, the cell phone was making its entrance in ... Read More »

Smartphones to Smartgear – What’s next?


It’s getting to be a bit cluttered out there in the world of smart phones. So much so, that the decisions available are getting more complex than ever before. The recent release of the Apple iPhones was launched with so much noise, but not really a ton of exciting new features. It appears that we have finally reached the end ... Read More »

Pay it forward mobile ad turns out to be a real tearjerker

Need something to set the waterworks going? Hit play button above on this advertisement from TrueMove, a Thai mobile company, that’s making the world weep while encouraging us all to pay it forward. Read More »

Android Kings: Xperia ZL vs Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

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We take a look at the top of the Android food chain and see who comes out king of the jungle. Android has certainly come a long way in many shapes and many forms. Sometimes to its detriment, years of experimentation later we are at the peak of Android with manufacturers putting out the most accomplished phones in years. Sony ... Read More »

Tech Review: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 Projector

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If you want to game in 3D, this is your beast. When you think of Epson, you’ll either think of a printer or a projector. This beast might be big enough to be mistaken for a printer, but with the size it certainly delivers some serious oomph to the screen. Coming in at approximately $1,750, it carries a bit of ... Read More »

Gadget Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera

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Android running your point-and-shoot camera? What’s next? Android in your car, fridge and bathroom. This is a spectacular gadget, yet I find it really hard to describe just exactly what it is. It’s not a tablet nor a phone, yet it has a fully functioning Android Jelly Bean OS on hardware that runs it as smooth as some of the ... Read More »

Gadget Review: Nokia Lumia 520


Handsome design in a budget package, let’s take a look at what is hiding inside this good lookin’ phone. Nokia continues to barrage the market with their Lumia series of phones. The second generation all come loaded with Windows Phone 8 OS, and a plethora of hardware specs ranging from the bulky high end 920, mid-range 720 (not available in ... Read More »

Tech In Review: BenQ W1080ST Digital Home Projector


You will have to keep reminding yourself that you are looking at a projector, and not an LED TV screen. DLP technology has come a long way, and we put BenQ’s latest digital home theater projector through its paces. First Impressions I’d consider myself a home entertainment enthusiast, as such I’m quite finicky when it comes to audio and video ... Read More »