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Volvo V60 Cross Country

renwaldv volvo - Copy

Before the spread of SUV’s, people got along just fine hauling all their daily needs in the trunk of a sedan, and their family members in the back seats. For people with big projects, or the hunter-gatherer spirit, a station wagon added more versatile space. Over the years of renovating our house, we moved lumber, drywall, rocks and plants in ...

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Micra Meandering on Barton Street

The Nissan Micra parked at the empty Target Store on Barton. It's cheap enough it could have been sold there. Photo by Kathy Renwald

It’s cheap chubby and kind of cute. The base model Nissan Micra is $9,998, once everything is paid to put it your driveway the total is $11,398. That’s a bar tab for some people. The base designation strips the Micra down to a vow-of-poverty level. No air conditioning, no power locks, mirrors are adjusted manually, the car is shifted manually, ...

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Top Five Reasons to Choose Ontario Craft Beer


1 Ontario Craft Beer is experiencing a renaissance, taking us back to the day when there was a craft brewery in every community. Today, there are approximately 150 craft breweries in Ontario and with the right retail growth opportunities, the number of jobs in towns with a craft brewery could double or triple. 2 Local craft beer is handcrafted in ...

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The Volkswagen Golf is a sensible sized hatchback, and a perfect vehicle for loading up on a plant safari. Here it waits for mulch and triple mix at Kastrau Landscaping and Nursery in Hamilton

If you’re a serious gardener, you need a proper car for plant hunting expeditions. One should always be prepared for an impulsive purchase. A car must be able to welcome a fruit tree, a bale of straw, a bushel of manure or a waterlily slopping around in soggy soil. Almost every car I test drive for review has hauled a ...

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The Many Benefits of Condo Living


Is Condo Living Right For You? If you frequent condominium open houses you’re sure to have noticed how diverse the market for condos truly is.  There are first time buyers looking to get into the market, investors snapping up rental properties and, of course, baby boomers wanting to downsize their space and responsibilities. Condos can be low-rise buildings, townhouses, freestanding ...

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Condos by the Bay


Condos and cars it’s all about selling lifestyle. I test drive a lot of cars and you feel different when you drive a Jaguar and different again when you drive a Juke. A Jaguar, a big Benz or a Porsche makes you feel special and pampered and maybe a bit obnoxious. Drive a Juke or a Chevy Trax and it’s ...

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Picking Up on Heritage


Parking the new Chevy Colorado pickup truck in front of the elegant Balfour House on Hamilton’s mountain brow is a shocking bit of grunge and glam. The $37,565 Colorado is my Bay Observer test-drive for May. I’m piloting it up the James Street hill to this secret stone house full of Hamilton history. The rather affordable Colorado is a sharp ...

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Range Rover amid the rubble

Range Rover

There’s a fantastic pile of rubble at the old Lakeport Brewery on Burlington Street West at Ferguson Avenue. I’ve parked this week’s test drive, a Range Rover with the mini mountain of concrete in the background. If not for a protective chain link fence, the Ranger Rover SUV could be charging up the incline.  The people at Land Rover, maker ...

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Downtown Burlington is a Great Place to Visit, Live and Work

Chantal Kreviazuk

The Redhill Valleys and The Human Orchestra Friday, April 10, 2015  7:30 pm Community Studio Theatre at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre Tickets: $20 plus HST and ticket fees.  Available at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre Box Office. By phone: 905-681-6000 or online: www.burlingtonpac.ca   The Redhill Valleys: The Redhill Valleys are an original 3-piece Folk/Rock group from the Hamilton/Burlington ...

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In case you are suffering from a bit of the winter blues, let’s fast forward just a few more weeks (well, maybe months) into the world of Spring Fashion. Open up any menswear magazine and you will notice an obvious shift to all things BLUE. While changes in menswear trends are subtle, this one has crept in from last season, ...

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