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Oakville charity


Since 1999 The Charity of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving hope to children & Youth in need across Canada.  They have chapters in Hamilton Oakville & Brantford. Recently the organization staged  the “Celebrating the Arts” fundraiser. Since its formation the charity has raised over one million dollars for those in need. Three quarters of the funds raised …

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2017 WOMEN OF DISTINCTION AWARDS With October declared Women’s History Month, YWCA Hamilton is has issued a ‘Call for Nominations’ for the 2017 Women of Distinction Awards. The Women of Distinction Awards are celebrated in many communities and are recognized as one of the most prestigious awards for women across Canada. This year the award categories have changed to celebrate …

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Bay West Group Inc. donates $25,000 to the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation’s Our New Era campaign.


Bay West Group Inc. donates $25,000 to the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation’s Our New Era campaign. Oran Johnson (left) and Jeremy Racicot (right), Partners and Co-Founders of the Bay West Group Inc., present a $25,000 cheque to Anissa Hilborn, President of the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation.  (New patient tower being built in the background.)

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French playground also a haven for antique auto buffs.

A Bugatti sedan. The Prince also owned a 1929 Bugatti series 55 race car that was recently sold for $2.5 Million pounds.

You can see why the French Riviera was invaded by the Brits 3 centuries ago, and why they keep coming back. We stayed in Nice, the largest city in the region because it has a large stock of clean but moderately-priced hotels. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the Riviera. If you want to check out Monaco, …

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2016 Kia Optima


So you want a smart 3-series BMW or a swell Audi A4, but you cant afford the precious price tag. May I suggest the Kia Optima. Kia has a great designer named Peter Schreyer, who was poached from Audi, just after he shaped the design for the well regarded Audi TT. As chief design officer at Kia, his visionary magic …

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Fall in love with Textures and Prints

joelle's image sept2015

When the palette changes from bright summer hues to autumn neutrals, texture and print come into play to keep your wardrobe interesting. Many years ago, we encountered a fall/winter season in which everything (and I mean everything) was grey.  Clean, smooth fabrics were used with very little texture and if there was texture it was heavy wool tweed.  I will …

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Gardening Shows Return to TV

Kathy Renwald and landscape designer Michael Schmahl shooting a segment of Gardeners Journal in 2002. His garden recreated a tropical paradise. Kathy Renwald photo

In 1991 CHCH-TV gave me the go ahead to produce a half-hour gardening program called Gardener’s Journal. It started out as low budget. I had one day off from news reporting, shot the show, edited it that night and it was on the air two days later on Saturday mornings.  There were no hair, makeup or wardrobe expenses, and I …

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Volvo V60 Cross Country

renwaldv volvo - Copy

Before the spread of SUV’s, people got along just fine hauling all their daily needs in the trunk of a sedan, and their family members in the back seats. For people with big projects, or the hunter-gatherer spirit, a station wagon added more versatile space. Over the years of renovating our house, we moved lumber, drywall, rocks and plants in …

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Micra Meandering on Barton Street

The Nissan Micra parked at the empty Target Store on Barton. It's cheap enough it could have been sold there. Photo by Kathy Renwald

It’s cheap chubby and kind of cute. The base model Nissan Micra is $9,998, once everything is paid to put it your driveway the total is $11,398. That’s a bar tab for some people. The base designation strips the Micra down to a vow-of-poverty level. No air conditioning, no power locks, mirrors are adjusted manually, the car is shifted manually, …

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Top Five Reasons to Choose Ontario Craft Beer


1 Ontario Craft Beer is experiencing a renaissance, taking us back to the day when there was a craft brewery in every community. Today, there are approximately 150 craft breweries in Ontario and with the right retail growth opportunities, the number of jobs in towns with a craft brewery could double or triple. 2 Local craft beer is handcrafted in …

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