Innovative text sharing program coming to Mac

When UWO Ivey Business School student Chris Janssen, Travelled to Rwanda last year to teach business he realized first-­‐ hand that these students did not have access to the same quality educational material that students enjoy here in Canada. Travelling through Kenya, Janssen met dozens of entrepreneurs with great business ideas, but very limited access to credit to scale their businesses. Janssen took these experiences and lessons learned back home to his business partner, Tom Hartford. They then launched Textbooks for Change. In hopes of creating an impact across the world.

The innovative social venture Textbooks for Change (T4C) is expanding to McMaster in October 2014. T4C collects textbooks donated by students in dropboxes and student club collections. Approximately 50% of textbooks are sent to African universities in dire need of high quality educational material. Remaining textbooks are either recycled efficiently or sold online at affordable prices to students across Canada. 50% of net proceeds from textbooks sold are distributed to either socially purposed student clubs or entrepreneurs in developing countries in the form of micro-­‐finance loans. At Western in London so far T4C donated $15,000 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada on behalf of the Western campaign. Additionally, 22,000 textbooks have been sent to African universities and $33,000 has been raised for micro loans for African entrepreneurs. The plan for Mac is to set up drop boxes on campus and to invite student charities to operate the program

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