Another beautiful day in this desert paradise.  85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

More people were at the garage today, inputting information and getting final poll kits ready for tomorrow.

There is not what I would call an “excitement” in the office.  There is a very quiet confidence among the office managers.  They seem very fatigued, some of them working on this for a year, I get the feeling they are anxious to have tomorrow night over with.

I was given two more polls today in the Summerlin area.  Both very nice areas, one you would definitely call wealthy.  Many people were not home, the few I talked to were definitely supporting the President with only one person not.

Every one I’ve talked to at this time seem exhausted, more mentally than physically.  Everywhere you turn, at the grocery store, billboards, newspapers, radio and TV there is someone telling you why you should vote them.

The amount of undecided people must be very, very small.  You get the feeling people have made up their mind.

Tomorrow, the “Vote Today” door knockers are going out at 6 am.  Canvassing begins at 9am and goes right till the polls close at 7pm.  It’s going to be a long day and an even longer night.

Predictions?  Talking to people at the office, they feel Obama will win Nevada by 5%, Florida will be a toss-up and Ohio should go into the President’s win column by a healthy margin.  If Virginia goes blue early then this race could be over very early.

My prediction – President Obama wins the Electoral College with 310 Votes.

Stay tuned!!!

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