Beneath the Wake is author, Ross Pennie’s fourth medical mystery novel. HIs first two novels, Tainted and Tampered won the Arts Hamilton Literary award for fiction. The third novel, Up in Smoke encouraged the RCMP to investigate the illegal tobacco trade in eastern Canada. From fiction to real crime, a new angle for this powerfully stimulating writer.

Author’s Pennie’s style emerges from his career as a specialist in infection diseases: the research is impeccable, the facts are explored and exposed in the style that turns Dr. Pennie’s knowledge into story telling that pushes the reader forward, and enjoying the pace and dialogue of a serious, real life topic.

In Beneath the Wake, Epidemic investigator, Dr. Zol Szabo has booked an extended holiday on the Indian Ocean taking his girl friend and son on a cruise to escape from the painful times at home. The cruise ship offers luxury beyond their expectations. Below deck not all is cruising along. An unidentified microbe invades this enclosed world and begins to cut a lethal wound among the crew.  Is it a matter of time before death strikes above deck? How can the ship’s medical crew find the cause when it’s set up for rough sailing complaints and sun burned noses? The death count increases. International waters conceal secrets and the captain makes the rules. And Dr. Szabo’s peaceful on-board escape becomes a race to beat the disease. Beneath the Wake is fast paced with biting dialogue and a climax that keeps the reader turning pages.

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