By; Mike Knowles.

ECW Press.  $18.95

Hamilton author, Mike Knowles has written 6 critically acclaimed mysteries in his Wilson Series. Wilson is professional thief with a short fuse and author, Knowles knows how to punch up the violence with humour, a sense of place and short, sharp dialogue that delivers a great read.

Tin Men is story-telling on steroids. Detective Julie Owens is savagely killed and her unborn child is missing. Three colleagues, Woody, Dennis and Os are under intense pressure to find the cop killer and their own crooked instincts feed a passion for justice not necessarily pronounced in a court room.

Tin Men is  fast paced story telling with dialogue that seems to fuel it’s own energy. We follow the three detectives as they unearth the clues, each one exposing his own reason for finding the murderer. Cops, like the rest of us have their flaws and occasionally the flaws overwhelm their intentions and actions.

Author, Mike Knowles writes with intense passion, a creates a driving urge for the reader to turn the pages. It is first rate mystery writing with an edge that will leave the reader wanting more.



By: Gloria Ferris.

Never has there been a crime-solving duo quite like Cornwall and Redfern. Bliss Cornwall is up for anything for a buck while her boyfriend, Police Chief Neil Redfern often can’t decide whether to arrest her or move out.

Place this uniquely dynamic duo in a bucolic rural Ontario setting, add grave robbing to harvest skulls for black market re-sale and stir in psychedelic, mid-summer Solstice celebrations and you’ve got another entertaining, humor-tinged  mystery from well known Canadian author, Gloria Ferris.

Skull Garden is a police procedural with a serving of dubious procedure. It’s a character-driven story about two people whose attraction to each other contains a portion of annoyance, frustration and magnetism that flounders as often as it flourishes.

Why are skulls suddenly missing from local graveyards? Why is the local Mayor unable to convince her Police Chief to sign his new contract. Why is murder committed with a rare poison, Jimsonweed?  And why does local entrepreneur, Bliss Cornwall spend as much time in a police cell as she does on the job?

Skull Garden is fast paced, the humour is broad, the action is sudden and deadly and the conclusion secures author, Ferris’s reputation as a story teller not to miss.

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