THE B-TEAM. By: Melodie Campbell.

Ocra Books. $9.95

Award winning author, Melodie Campbell provides a full force mystery novel in a rapid read package. That’s about 250 pages of plot, action, dialogue and that famous Campbell style climax in about 130 pages.

Meet the B-Team: Great aunt Kitty, retired from a career in crime, Dell, who works in an animal shelter by day and their cohorts, Dino and Ritz—together they do wrong for all the right reasons. They are “The Hammer’s” modern-day Robin Hood, complete with the potholes in the road. An imposter has done his worst and criminals can’t go to the police, so where do they turn? Aunt Kitty and her hoods.

Called the Queen of Comedy by the Toronto Sun, author, Campbell is an Arthur Ellis and Derringer award winner and her writing has been compared to Janet Evanovich. Campbell was won 9 awards and is the best selling author of the Hamilton based, Gino Gallo mysteries.

Her style is plot forward, fuelled by feel-real, snappy dialogue that reveals the sense of place right down to the street corner. Her thirteen novels and over a 100 other credits make her one of Canada’s most popular fiction writers.

The B-Team summary deals with justice, not the law, delivered with intensity and laughter.


THE GRAVE’S A FINE and PRIVATE PLACE. Random House.  $29.95

The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place is Canadian author Alan Bradley’s 9th best selling story featuring one of the genre’s best loved amateur sleuth, Flavia de Luce. The good news is, this one is the best in a long series of award winning novels. The sad news is the next Flavia de Luce adventure, the 10th, will be Alan Bradley’s last.

Flavia is coping with a family tragedy and Dogger, the loyal family retainer suggests a diversion in a punt gently drifting down a river. They meander by a old church in delicate decay, complete with a vicar found guilty of dispatching three of his parishioners, Flavia puts her hand into the water and lifts up a head, complete with body attached.

The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place is a show stopping piece of story telling, a crime and solution worthy of Flavia de Luce, sparkling with plot, dialogue, and a sense of place that puts you right in that punt.  Milestones are around the corner for author, Alan Bradley with his 80th birthday in October followed by the publication of the 10th and last Flavia de Luce novel in February of 2019.

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