Last Call, the new, ‘Sherri Travis’ mystery, recently published by Hamilton author, Phyllis Smallman, is a  fast paced read that makes you want to read just one more chapter. Librarian, ceramic potter and now author, Smallman’s ‘Sherri Travis series was chosen by Good Morning America for its best reads list  and also won the Unhanged Arthur award from the Crime Writers of Canada.

Sherri, always on the outlook for fun, sun and a few bucks, lands in Key West. What she finds is a friend who’s disappeared, the police not interested just 72 hours before Hurricane Alma descends with a high octane punch full of blackouts, floods and murder. Sherri’s new partner is Lexi Divine, a six foot tall drag Queen with a heart of gold and wicked left hook. Together their search turns frantic with panic and threat.

Author, Smallman brings Key West alive with the bar culture, Hemingway’s shadow, fresh and acid funny dialogue with energy that matches the pending fury of the hurricane. Last Call is vintage Smallman and that means a snappy, entertaining read.

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