Thanks for the emails about book stores.  This month’s choice is the Book Nook, located at 501 Brant St in downtown Burlington, near Caroline.  Phone number: 905-6370118. The Book Nook is a classic used book store, titles from floor to ceiling featuring out of print, paperback exchange, aisles of fiction with a strong mystery section and a very good Children’s section. Near the front are a few rare books and shelves with the most recent fiction. I’m looking for an August book store feature, so send me your choice.

If you enjoy a puzzle set in 1947, rural B.C. community, with dialogue that reaches into the soul and a sense of place that is integral to the mystery, than An Old Cold Grave is a summer read for you. Author Iona Whishaw’s compelling, third novel gives us a gentle setting, a body long since buried, but not forgotten in a decrepit root cellar and Lane Winslow, the best amateur sleuth to come along in Canadian mystery writing in quite some time. The characters have punch and compassion. Winslow, a retired British intelligence offificer is trying to fifind a new life in Canada, fifinds his way in this self contained and self possessed community. In short, sin, plot, dialogue and place: all the requisite elements for an award-winning novel. It’s easy to imagine a fourth in this increasingly fine series.

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