There probably were dozens of people walking around Philadelphia dressed up as Uncle Sam during the recent Democratic National Convention.
One wearing red striped pants and a blue top hat, however, is of particular interest to Bay area residents.
His name is Ken Sherman and he was a super delegate, representing Democrats Abroad Canada, to the convention which nominated Hilary Clinton to run for President of the United States.
Sherman, 79, is international vice-chair of Democrats Abroad and chair of the Hamilton chapter. He was one of only four voting members from Canada.
Born in New York City, Sherman moved first to Hamilton after completing his term as a Lutheran pastor in Buffalo. He became a property manager of rental housing in Canada, the U.S. and France and now lives in Burlilngton.
His wife Caroline Bayard, who was a French professor at McMaster University, passed away in 2014. Sherman has a BA from Valparaiso University and a Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary in Illinois.
In the 1960s he assisted conscientious objectors to the war in Vietnam find refuge in Canada.
Formerly International Chair of Democrats Abroad, Sherman has led three annual global meetings and overseen a dozen global committees and task forces. Four years ago he was the head of the organization’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.
Now chair of the Democrats Abroad Hamilton chapter, Sherman has worked extensively for the cause of peace, as well as housing, energy conservation and the environment.
Democrats Abroad is an organization which gives American citizens living outside the country a voice in the primaries and the November election
A supporter of liberal Bernie Sanders, Sherman nevertheless is backing Clinton now that the presidential campaign has begun, after she obtained more votes than Sanders in the primaries.
Ironically, Sanders polled 70 per cent of the vote of Democrats living around the world.
Judith Wanner of Burlington, a native of Richfield, Minnesota, and Connie Jain of Hamilton also attended the Monday night session in Philadelphia at which First Lady Michelle Obama and candidate Bernie Sanders spoke, although neither were official delegates.
Wanner is vice-chair of the Hamilton chapter and Jain is treasurer.
“I was really energized by it,” Wanner said. “I was a teacher in Philadelphia for a while in the 1960s, but I had not been back there since.”
Wanner said the Philadelphia police force took a novel approach to making sure there was no violence.
“They were very low key,” she said. “Lots of them were wearing shorts and riding bicycles. You didn’t have that heavy military look that you might have at a G-7 conference.”
Wanner and Jain also were present at a Democrats Abroad luncheon, where Bernie Sanders’ brother Larry, who lives in England, was the guest speaker.
In the spring, American citizens living in the Hamilton area cast their votes in the Democratic Primary at a special poll set up in Aldershot Library. Among them was Burlington Councillor Marianne Meed Ward, who was born in Colorado.

Written by: Denis Gibbons

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