I’ve been very busy over the last few years with my HGTV productions: Leave it to Bryan, House of Bryan and Disaster DIY. The work has taken me all over North America and has been incredibly rewarding, but it has also been a constant balancing act for me to maintain my life in the media, my growing family life and my construction business in Oakville and Burlington.

Thankfully over the last ten years in the business I have been able to meet and work with many exceptional contractors and trades people who work to a high standard and treat homeowners with integrity and respect. One of these people is Stuart Riley,formerly of Top Notch Cabinetry and BRSConstruction. Stuart is a classically trained cabinetmaker who moved to Canada from England in 1996. He knows that the devil is in the details and we share the same philosophy and work ethic.

Through our work together of the last few years we have established a great relationship, he has recently stepped in to help me run Baeumler Quality Construction and we look forward to continuing to build exceptional custom homes in the Oakville and Burlington areas. Although it is frightening to let go of the reins, I have complete faith in Stuart, there is no one else I would trust.

Just as it took me a great deal of time to find a trusted ally, many homeowners have incredible difficulties finding a quality con-tractor when contemplating a renovation.You have no idea of the horror stories thatI have encountered and the number of times that I have been called in to repair or replaces hoddy work.

We all work hard for our money. As a homeowner, deciding to renovate or repair your home it is very important to be wise before making a decision as to which con-tractor or tradesperson to hire. I have always encouraged people to dig below the surface in order to ensure they are making the right choice. A few hours spent online or on the phone can save you days and weeks of future frustration, not to mention the costs associated with redoing work that has been completed improperly, or not at all. A good contractor has liability insurance, conforms to all municipal and provincial guidelines and has active WSIB coverage for their workers.You can also learn a great deal by looking into a company’s work history and reputation online and through other businesses.

This is the reason that I have established the Baeumler Approved network of quality contractors. We have actively sought out the best builders and trades from across Ontario and vetted our members for insurance,WSIB coverage, quality of work, and reputation to ensure that we are providing homeowners with quality workmanship that comes with honest service. Our members must adhere to a strict code of conduct and we encourage feedback from homeowners about the work that has been completed.

I know that no-one is perfect and even the best contractors will occasionally encounter issues, but quality contractors communicate openly and honestly with homeowners and ensure that the job is completed on-time and to a professional standard.

I am constantly being asked for references. Every contractor wants to align themselves with others who share a commitment to quality and integrity. I am always very reluctant to recommend people because I care about my reputation and about the homeowner.

The most important thing a homeowner must consider is the trust level they have with their contractor. You are handing over the keys to your home, your most valuable possession, I understand that. This is the reason that Baeumler Approved exists, to do some of the leg-work for homeowners. We are trying to make is easy to find someone you can trust. I tell all of our members: “If you hold your work to a high standard, work with integrity and communicate openly andhonestly with homeowners, I can be your best reference!

By: Bryan Baeumler

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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