Since 1999, Brott Music Education Concerts have been shared with more than 250,000 students. Led by Hamilton’s Boris Brott, the National Academy Orchestra will perform musical masterpieces to over 10,000 students this year, with the 15th annual Brott Music Education Concerts. Over a span of four days Mohawk College’s McIntyre Theatre will play host to over 80 schools as Maestro Brott and the National Academy Orchestra take students on a musical and educational journey.

This year The Brott Music Festival will connect with education curriculum requirements in various ways. All students will learn to identify with instruments in the orchestra, and the following topics will be explored: music, visual arts, nature, seasons, the environment, history, diversity and, yes bullying. Students will be inspired by the story of Ludwig Van Beethoven, the hardships he faced being bullied as a young boy and his road to success. “I became really interested in education programs when I realized the types of music programs given often resulted in children hating music instead of enjoying it,” says Brott, who made his concert debut at the age of five as a violin soloist with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. “We have a real opportunity to capture not only the minds and hearts of young people but also their parents and teachers.”

With performances being sold out year after year, 2013 is no exception. Students, teachers and parents revel in the excitement that surrounds the Brott Music Education Concerts, and will continue to enjoy this series in the many years to come.


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