The Bose Solo TV Sound System is directed towards consumers looking for an upgrade from the outdated stock audio setup on flat-panel television sets. Nor the function or design of the Bose Solo are unique.

The Bose Solo’s insufficient off-axis fidelity pretty much sets the tone for the rest of its performance. Its 3″ height blends in with most TV sets. However, a width and depth of 20.75″ x 12.25″ means the TV has to be placed on top of the sound bar. This restricts the maximum size of the TV set to 42″, and the display cannot weigh more than 18 kg.

The power cable is effectively long with a wide selection of pin types provided in the box. The slim remote control bears a pleasantly rubberized body and houses bare-minimum buttons for Power, Volume and Mute functions. Unfortunately, the lack of any display on the front panel means that there’s no way to tell the volume level apart from a green LED indicating the power status.

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